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You live in a time where technology is evolving to be one of the best means to create a career, working from the freedom of your home or from anywhere in the world, being your own boss, enjoying work and life.

With technology, you have only two choices, embrace it, learn at an early stage - or ignore it and get left behind in your future race to find a career you love, earn big than many other traditional professions. As I have said on many occasions, nowadays anyone can start their own creative space and make a living using all latest technology out there. Only question is, are you ready to create ?

Now, you might say - hey Renjit, but I dont think I am good with technology, so how can I make a living or passive income from it. My answer will be - you dont need to have extraordinary tech talents to start a career in tech space, you can learn everything from experts these days, readily available tools out there helps you design right products and services, find what people are interested in, setup online stores, channels, promote to right people, make sales from your living room just with a computer and internet connection. Start with getting a guidance from someone who has experience in tech industry, someone who can help you get started with knowledge sharing.

Just knowing how to create a website can help you earn $10,000+ in few days. Social Media is another big opportunity, with YouTube Facebook and other platforms, you don't need to work for big news agencies to share useful information and bring positive impact to world. Become next Social Media Design Expert, Social Media Story Teller, Social Media Journalist, Influencer. Learn everything from creating high quality contents to high impact story telling. Build your own media empire in future, help people and brands reach right audience online.

We see children these days are good with tech devices, online games, designing etc from a very young age. If they are guided in right direction from young age and given the freedom to create, you will see amazing creations from them. We can build a generation of innovators and influences.

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