Path to Success | A Window Opener or Door Knocker ?

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Hi Friends,

Wanted to share something interesting, and I found this really helpful to change the way people manage - in professional and personal life.

Few days before while listening to few podcasts, I came across an analogy on success from Ali (Ali is a medical student at Cambridge and shares interesting learning methods and views which helps human mind do better), he talked about how differently people approach opportunities and succeed.

There are two types of people. Some are window-openers. When making decisions about what to do with their time or how to reach a solution for problems, they want to be able to look through a window. If they can see the outcome they want through the windows clear glass, they open the window and step into it. The problem is that for most good things in life, the path to success isn’t so clear. There isn’t always an open window with the ideal outcome clearly visible on the other side. Instead, the best outcomes are often hidden behind doors. We have to knock and open many different doors to see what’s behind each one. The second type of people therefore, the door-knockers, are the ones who take these different opportunities. There might not be an immediate, guaranteed short-term return, but they’ll go for it anyway and use it as a learning opportunity.

Over time, the door-knockers do lots of things that increase their leverage. They speak at seminars, they share knowledge to people they care, they meet people, they learn new skills. They not only look for advice from seniors but also will be open to advice from younger colleagues or friends. Individually a single one of these efforts might not lead to a ‘good’ outcome. But overall, the door-knockers increase the surface area for potential positive outcomes.

So, when making decisions about what to do, do you only open windows, or do you knock on doors as well ?

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