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During my mid 20's I used to develop websites for friends and businesses, that was a side hustle which lead to learning many other digital skills. There were weeks I could be found multi-tasking - developing upto 10 websites for small startups, designing products, publishing books online, creating digital art, selling digital products online and more. All these were done after office hours, enjoying the creative space until mid nights, that addiction to creativity could have easily burned me out, but the interest towards digital design helped develop a proven method to reach every goal or target on time.

This goal setting practice later helped when I started working for big companies implementing digital solutions. Learning the tricks of running difficult projects with lean team, within budgets and deadlines. Irrespective of whether a project is small or big, or an ambition you have which can be easily achieved, human mind can reach a state called "burn out" which then drags back your efficiency and kills energy to keep that body active throughout work days.

Learning how to avoid burn out is vital for everyone, especially a recent study shows an alarming trend among young children who tend to lose interest in their hobbies or aims, due to the reason they were not able to reach their goals or ambitions on time, or did not plan their goals better. This made me want to help those kids in need who struggle to reach goals or find success in studies or life.

Reason for Losing Control Over Your Goals

  •   Burn out happens when your goals seems to move away from your grip.
  • You have targets, but you see most of them as fixed.
  • You never realize the importance of rest, instead works day and night including weekends.
  • You keep moving ahead with work or learning, but you never grow personally.
  • You lose control of your plans and dreams.

Here is the simple trick to beat that burn out, and take control of your goals and life.

Practice the habit of moving "Slow Ahead" !

  • Have weekly, monthly, yearly goals. Track them daily.
  • Plan your day first thing in morning. Do not jump out from bed without a plan for that day.
  • Most important - You create both fixed and flexible deadlines.
  • You give importance to rest and recharge your mind + body. Specially your daily evenings and weekends.
  • You are moving ahead, slow but steady. You never rush to goals and deadlines.
  • You are in control of your life and career.

In short, you need to move slow ahead towards your goals and deadlines, have both fixed and flexible goals. Never ever rush, never skip that need to rest and recharge. Move slowly but steadily.

If you fear someone will move full ahead faster than you, let them. Remember you are here not to beat anyone in race, but to reach your goals with confidence and control. You move slow ahead with purpose and targets. You are in control of your dreams. You are in control of your life.

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