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Why Maritime Industry lacks the Pace in Technology Advancements

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The risks of technology implementation failure

I do not fully agree that Maritime was lacking speed with tech advancements, our industry was trying best to keep pace with new tech and software offerings, but have to agree that several small and big businesses failed to get the technology landscape right – the reason - most business decision makers viewed digital transformation solely as an IT initiative. That approach needs change. Technology initiatives in an organization needs to align with bigger business goals. For digital transformation to be successful, it is critical for the industry to approach it from an organizational perspective, consider the ROI of initiatives, positive impacts to users and digitization of business processes.

Manage change from top

Your investments in technology should eliminate process issues, make people become more efficient and productive, while work gets more interesting and meaningful for staff. Instead of eliminating a lot of jobs, embracing suitable technology creates new possibilities and opportunities for businesses to expand with less effort and cost. Be ready to change, do not just let your people know why the change is coming but also convey what benefits are there for everyone. Let the technology transformation be a company goal, rather than just an IT goal, this approach will help projects take off full ahead, from dead slow.

Get the approach right

Technology implementation should solve real problems in your organization rather than just a marketing or social media gimmick, you can say to world that you have digitally advanced tools in company, but those marketing words might not be solving your real issues, wasting time, effort, managing complicated processes etc. Never select a software or technology to solve immediate problems – parking aside long term strategies for process innovations.

Future is bright

For maritime businesses of any size, irrespective of having 20 Ships or 200 ships, the key is to get your technology foundation right, there are several innovative technology offerings around the world from Microsoft and similar reputable tech innovators, which are cost effective, requiring very less upfront investments and easy to deploy. Good to see that many companies are now reaching out to invest in right solutions. I am sure it will be exciting times ahead for Maritime Industry, and transformation time for many businesses, setting bigger goals with help of technology.

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