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Few Simple thoughts from year 2020 - moving to new year 2021

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31st December 2020, cold and sunny day in Hong Kong, what a pleasant weather to end an unforgettable year for mankind. A year which took us on a roller coaster ride of unexpected incidents, Covid19 restrictions broke dreams for many, delayed plans, cancelled important items from our to-do lists. But agree or not, this was a year we learned new things, new ways to be in touch with friends and family, new ways to get work done, drive that positive vibe both in life and business, with hopes for better days to come. Three simple thoughts as we enter year 2021.

1. Power of Gratitude in Life | Positive Thinking

Switch from thinking "I have to do this" to "I got to do this"

We all have gone through that ughh..moment, running through the schedules, a daily chorus, a daily routine, or an unexpected obligation, whatever it may be, we end up thinking ugh I have to do that. Someone asked you to help out on a task which you are less interested, instead of thinking "I have to" - you sparked that positivity to mind saying "I got to do this" for that person, changes the whole energy to a new level.

A big thanks to Healthcare Staff around the world attending to medical needs of Covid19 infected patients like in a warzone, millions of Seafarers who kept moving essential goods reaching every part of world on ships, and many frontline workers around the world who served with pride when Covid19 pandemic made them work extra hours and months - more than they actually required, if not for them, this world would have been in a bigger mess.

The positive thinking "I got to do this" helps drive your dreams and achieve greater meaning in life.

2. Power of Health | Stay Active

"When you are young and healthy you have many wishes, when you are sick you will just have one wish"

"If I had taken care of my habits I would not have ended up with health issues, I just want to get cured", heard this from a young friend who was suffering from illness and was hospitalized. Whether you are in 20's or 50's, parking aside the need for fitness and good health habits will sure break you down in long run. Make it a routine, take care of yourself as you take care of your family. You might be a hard worker devoting time for your business or job, but it is equally important to find time for fitness every day. Focus on your bad health habits, try to cut them down. When Covid19 shook the world, those with better health habits survived the pandemic. Your wealth might not be able to bring back your health.

3. Have dreams in life | Wake up with plans and goals

Have big dreams in life, and work towards those dreams with plan. There is no one to stop you from living a life you love. There is no age limit to start dreaming a new dream. And do not just dream, take small steps towards it even if you are not fully prepared to jump in. I know you have dreams. The longer you think about a task without working on it, the less novel it becomes to do. So do not lock your dreams in mind, bring them out. All your dreams can come true, only if you have the courage to pursue them.

Looking forward to year 2021

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