• “A cognitive learning method, connecting your mind to places around the world, architecture and nature, simple practice lessons towards developing drawing and design skills. Learn to draw with confidence in few weeks, worlds first of its kind book designed to help children practice design learning"



  • Children Learning Design | Draw Famous Locations

    "Drawing and Designing is not always a talent, it is a skill which can be developed with regular practice and knowledge". Not everyone becomes a famous artist, but everyone who learns art at younger age picks up wonderful skills, including improving self confidence to draw anything, developing a beautiful handwriting, better focus, mind control etc. Learning art and design from young age helps any beginner gain confidence towards building a bright future, in traditional drawing, painting, digital arts, animation, gaming and more. Nowadays anyone can start their own creative space and make a living with help of all latest technology and social media out there to gain followers, be your own boss with the freedom to work from anywhere at your own pace.


    Only question is, are you ready to create ?


    This guide takes you on a Design journey around the world, let us draw and learn about famous buildings and monuments, these are not machine generated designs, instead hand drawn to keep those imperfections adding to beauty of learning to draw.

  • Cognitive practice method, not only guiding to draw cities and places around the world, but also learn about monuments and locations.

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