• Track Goals | Learn New Skills | To Do List | Track Good Habits



  • Designed for Children | Improve Goal Setting and Habits


    Planner helps you organize and keep track of your personal and academic dreams to the best of your abilities and requirements. We have always seen dual benefit from a good planner, it increases a persons accountability to the commitments planned, as well as provides him with a structure that contributes to bigger success.


    • Simplified for monthly goal setting.
    • 100 pages to help plan for up to 12 months.
    • Monthly pages for habit tracking, to do list and notes.
    • Have goals in life, keep target dates to reach your goals.
    • Reflect on month end achievements, improvements required and more.
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  • "Life gets interesting , when you make plans"

    First Planner designed for Children or anyone beginning to learn the art or writing a planner. Work towards yearly ambitions and goals, improve every month with simple goal settings, habit tracking, to do list and end of month reflections to keep improving.

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