Children Learning Art & Design | 1 Month Foundation Programme

Foundation course that prepare you to become future artists and designers. Perfect for children and beginners. A four week learning process with daily practice lessons. Students get 100 page practice eBook and can be in touch with instructor throughout the course, get help online to reflect on things learned. End of course evaluation from us will guide you right direction towards next learning path, further improve your drawing skills both on paper and digital.
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First thing we say to any student ; "drawing is not always a talent, it is a skill which can be developed with regular practice and knowledge". Not everyone becomes a famous artist, but everyone who learns art at younger age picks up wonderful skills, including improving self confidence to draw anything, and few wonderful side effects such as developing a beautiful handwriting etc. Drawing is all about improving what you get into that canvas, no artist gets it right at first stroke, we keep on improving and innovating to get that final beautiful sketch or painting.

In this course, we start with basics of art. Instant download of 100 plus practice guides which contains innovative foundation lessons for twelve weeks. Interactive learning guide with online assistance from instructor. This course will take you from having little knowledge in drawing to creating advanced art and having a deep understanding of drawing fundamentals. 

During the programme you will learn about :

  • select right drawing tools
  • holding your pencil, pen, brush
  • drawing still objects
  • drawing nature around you
  • colour and light basics
  • finishing a drawing 
  • sketching human figures
  • learn digital drawing
  • how to monetize your drawing or art online

After programme you will see students developing interests in :

  • better drawing, sketching, colouring, perfecting objects and nature.
  • interest in regular drawing and painting, creating wonderful art.
  • displaying art online via social channels, getting more appreciation.
  • teaching art basics to others.
  • interest in graphics design.
  • product design.
  • automobile, aeronautical and naval designs. 
  • digital art.
  • interest towards architectural drawings.
  • and more wonderful interests both in traditional arts and digital. 

Four awesome weeks, end of this class you will gain confidence to start drawing and painting anything around you and from your imagination. This basic course is designed to help any beginner gain confidence towards learning traditional drawing, digital arts, animation and more in future. So welcome to the course, lets get creative.


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