Children Learning Digital Media | 3 Months Foundation Programme

Three months programme helping beginners learn basic technology skills from designing websites in few hours, creating social media channels, promoting contents, tricks and algorithms to reach more followers etc. A new practice lesson every week with direct access to instructor online, clearing doubts and improving ideas and skills.
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You live in a time where technology is evolving to be one of the best means to create a career, working from the freedom of your home or from anywhere in the world, being your own boss, enjoying work and life. This programme is specially designed to help youngsters or any beginner learn basic skills in modern technology, designing websites, social media designs, designing blogs, online shops, tricks to get more followers and convert them to customers if you plan to sell a product or service in future.

  • With this course, you will not need any programming or design experience to start building websites. 
  • Time saving and cost saving, we help you learn it the easiest way.
  • Personal Websites - Blogs - Company or Brand websites. Create anything super quick.
  • Learn to register a domain name and connect it to your website. Go live in just few hours.
  • Learn Cyber Security aspects of a website to keep it safe from hacking, advise from expert designers in industry.
  • We help you design not just a normal website design, but a high quality stunning website which anyone will say WOW ! 
  • Video Making tips and quality editing - From selecting your equipment to finishing your shoot.
  • Take your Storytelling skills to highest quality - Keep your audience interested.
  • Tips to make your video or post reach more viewers - The viral content factors. 
  • Art of attracting more followers on your channel or page.
  • Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram - strategies and tips for each platform.
  • Learn about Cyber Security and keeping your devices safe from internet threat - Play it safe.
  • Learn from Famous Media Designers and Creators - Tips, tricks and motivation.
  • Create your own media business - Do something you love and earn big.


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