• " It's not always becoming better than others, it's about becoming better than who you were yesterday"

  • My Story


    A former Seafarer who ventured into learning technology that could help people and brands get things done efficiently, while keeping the digital transformation minimal and simple. With love for technology and education, I decided to set sail on a timeless journey redefining education for next generation youngsters.


    As a Digital Transformation expert for brands, Career Coach and Educational Consultant helping youngsters and aspiring individuals, I have always wondered and fascinated by what makes highly successful people around us achieve great things. How did they get to where they are now in career or entrepreneurship. My mission is to inspire you to plan better, and lead a highly successful and enjoyable professional and personal life. This is not just my dream, this should be every youngsters dream towards a great future.


    If you want to become highly successful, want to go places, become influential, get followed, get famous, then you have to first learn about yourself, the best and the bad, identify those hidden skills and powers helping you advance to the next chapter of your life. With innovative approach to education and career guidance, the impact it makes on a student’s confidence is enormous. Guides you on latest technology, innovations, career and business opportunities. Connects you with Various industry experts for networking and career opportunities.


    Visited 42+ Countries | Network of 600+ Professionals | Coaches 800+ Students


    My background

    • An introvert during childhood, average student, sports lover.
    • Amateur Artist, Painter and Designer.
    • Once told by a teacher that you are too young and don't have the intelligence to learn computer science, few told becoming a sailor is impossible.
    • Started Teaching Computers and Programming at the young age of 16.
    • Worked on board ships sailing world wide visiting several countries, facing rough seas and learning from wonderful colleagues.
    • Post Graduate - Masters in Computer Application.
    • Post Graduate - Masters in Shipping Business & Logistics.
    • Certified Cyber Security Expert - Harvard Business School.
    • Certified Positive Psychology and Well-Being Coach.
    • Traveled to 42+ Countries.
    • Connects to 600+ influential Professionals around the world from various industries.
    • Designed 200+ websites as a side hustle.
    • Designed Watches, Bicycles and Lifestyle products for famous brands.
    • Startup advisor for 8 innovative tech businesses in Asia.
    • Consultant for Startup Businesses, Educational Institutions and Individuals.

  • A Career less planned, more determined.


    Join me on a career story, that started with love for programming at the early age of 14, advancing to a bigger dream of working on ships, facing several blocks towards that career path with courage and determination, sailing around the world, working on ships making wonderful friends. Then later getting back ashore to contribute in technology and innovations with worlds best Ship Management companies. If I did it, you can do it too. My determination was to learn what others said will be difficult, my determination was to reach a career what other said was impossible, my determination was to advance in career when others said you will be stuck with one job all life. Still determined, chasing dreams which others think impossible.


    Not everyone who works on ships end up becoming a Captain or Chief Engineer. And you don’t need to be one to work ashore managing ships and technology. There are jobs ashore for ex-seafarers as well as other professionals who has never sailed before. I was once asked by few cadets during a meet up : why only former Captains and Chief Engineers are selected for shore jobs ? I was surprised by that question, and the lack of information presented to youngsters around the world about Maritime Industry opportunities, both on board ships and ashore in offices. With ever changing industry trends and innovations, it is really important to share useful knowledge to young generation on what our maritime industry has to offer, not many knows that this industry carries 90% of world trade by sea, non stop even during COVID-19 crisis. An industry which never stops, people working on ships and ashore, with diverse range of career opportunities - Engineering, Design, Safety, Technology, Automation, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Human Resource, Cargo handling, Port Operations, Logistics, Procurement, Maritime Law and regulations, Telecommunications, Maritime research - few of many opportunities Maritime offers to students and professionals. We need to reach out to more students and professionals with better awareness. An industry cannot innovate within itself, it needs to embrace change and accept talents from everywhere. Maritime is all set to embrace big changes in coming years. Reach out to me if you would like to plan a career in maritime, irrespective of what your background is. All are welcome.

  • The story behind love for technology and education

    Dreams with determination

    Believe in yourself

    Interest towards technology and sailing took me on an adventurous, difficult and exciting professional life throughout past 15 years. Travelling to 42+ countries, working on ships interacting with local professionals helped create a network of 600+ influential professionals and friends from various industries. Helped several start-ups to decide on business planning, technology and media presence. Created multiple businesses from simple ideas, learned from those failed and went forward with the ones which served greater purposes. Learned most of the latest technology by self-practicing referring to various books both online and offline. Making websites within one hour and hosting it live, setup social media pages for business, setup advertising channels, acquire thousands of followers, design graphics, business presentations etc., all done super quick at the highest quality available out there and lowest cost possible. Believe me, if I can do it you can do it too. Bring any ideas into action, nothing is impossible.

    The Maritime Industry expertise

    Connecting Technology & People

    Year 2000, The IT boom around the world made me curious to learn how technology can help youngsters with big dreams. At the time when you never knew if IT can provide a good paying career, the childhood dream of working on a ship started taking shape, completed merchant navy training and embarked as a sailor in maritime industry. Sailing around the world on big ships at that young age and being part of huge maritime industry which carries 90% of world trade was one of the most exciting and rewarding times of life learning new things every day. Email communication had just started on ships and was restricted to max three or four messages a day, there was no internet and all used to wait for arriving ports to make phone calls to family and friends. Then things started changing slowly, technology started gaining importance in maritime industry and I planned my exit as a sailor and moved to shore office with aim to bridge the gap between office and ships using technology. Working in various offices, Singapore, India, Cyprus, Hong Kong etc., with worlds largest maritime companies made me foresee how this industry will innovate in near future. With latest tech advancements and projects, Maritime industry is all set to embrace process innovations in coming decade. I continue guiding several new and old maritime organizations to improve business process with efficient technology available out there.

    Helping young talents decide better career

    I pursue passions, not paychecks

    My interest in Design and technology combined with professional connections helped provide useful guidance to many students and friends. I wanted to reach more needed students and help them to achieve dreams they might have thought impossible or far from achieving. Combining Education and Technology was the ultimate aim. I design career and higher education workshops for students mostly in Asia, provides direct career coaching to students looking to launch their career in technology field.

    Love for Art and Design

    Anyone can learn drawing and design. With right basics and guidance.

    An art lover from childhood, you will find me teaching design and drawing classes both online and offline whenever possible.

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